When someone uses pressure, threats and/or intimidation to force someone else into a sexual activity. Coercion is manipulation. Learn to recognize it and respond to it appropriately. “I’ll be willing to talk to you about this when you stop pressuring / threatening / intimidating me. Until then the discussion is closed.”

Some examples of coercion are:

  • Applying pressure (constantly pleading, repeatedly asking, bringing it up over and over again)
  • Using blackmail (“I’ll break up with you…,” or “I’ll tell everyone you…”)
  • Lying, making false promises (“If you do this, I promise I won’t ask for anything else,” “I promise I’ll do…”)
  • Trying to make you feel guilty (“If you love me, you’ll…,” or turning away, acting hurt)
  • Yelling or threatening (blocking the path to the door, physical size, previous threats)

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