Date / Acquaintance Sexual Assault

A sexual assault that occurs in a dating relationship is called date rape. A sexual assault that happens in a non-intimate relationship such as a co-worker, someone you meet at a bar or by a friend is referred to as acquaintance rape. The result is the same; someone has forced a sexual encounter against your will.

When most people think of rape they think of a stranger jumping out of a corner or shadowy place, and sexually attacking them. This is not the case, In fact, more than half off all people who were raped knew the person who attacked them.

It’s true that most friendships, acquaintances and dates typically don’t lead to sexual violence, but it does happen. When forces sex occurs between 2 people who have a “relationship” it is know as dare rape or acquaintance rape.

Even if the two people have know each other for a long time, and have had a sexual relationship in the past, no one has the right to force a sexual act upon another person against his or her will.  Rape is not about sex or passion. Rape is an act of aggression, power and violence.

The person who is raped is not to blame. Rape is ALWAYS the fault of the rapist, and that’s also the case of two people who are dating, or are friends, even if you are involved in an intimate relationship. One person should never owe the other person sex. If sex is forced against someone’s will it is rape, and it is wrong.

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