Counselling Services

With one on one counselling we provide you with a space to help you gain a better understanding of yourself and your situation. Sexual Assault Counsellors will allow you to open up at your own pace, she will never force you to speak about your situation before you are ready. We provide a safe, comfortable space free of  judgement. We will not tell you what to do, but instead offer encouragement, supportive listening,  emotional support and practical information.  Our counsellors will also provide you with the opportunity to review how you feel about your counselling sessions and whether your needs are being met by our agency.

Making the decision to seek counselling is a very powerful and life affirming decision. In your sessions you will be looking at your life, yourself, your personal relationships and setting clear goals on your healing process. It will not always be easy, or comfortable.  Our counsellors are there to support you and explain what will be happening with you, but you must do the work, and coming to terms with that may be the most difficult part of your journey. There may be times when you feel like running away, or giving up, your feelings may get confusing, but through it all you will have the support of your counsellor, she knows that it often gets worse before it gets better, that this is a very normal part of the healing process and it will get easier, things will get better.

One of your first lessons in counselling is that the feelings you will have are very healthy and normal. You may battle with bouts of sadness or periods of depression, but you will feel understood and supported by your counsellor. Like with all types of counselling, sexual assault counselling does not bring with it a promise of complete happiness but, rather the tools to be able to cope in your day to day life. Counselling will provide you with the ability to accept the past abuse and live with it as part of your everyday life. We understand that you will never forget the abuse, but we will help you to remember it with less acute pain and sadness.

Over time, and through your counselling sessions you will start to recognize your own behavioral and emotional patterns. You may find it necessary to make changes that you never thought you would, or see your life in a very different way then when you first begun. One of the realities that you may have to face is that your lifestyle may change… the way you  see yourself, the way you live and the relationships you have, but  you will learn to take these changes with stride and confidence and with the belief that everything will work out, and everything will be ok. This one of the main goals of counselling, that each woman believe in herself again and achieve a greater sense of confidence within herself.

It won’t be easy and you will have to commit to doing some work between sessions, you will need to attend regularly. even through the more challenging days. This is your life, and you will find the courage to see it through. You have survived being sexually abused, so you already have plenty of courage. The next step is to decide that you no longer want to live with the pain, that you are ready to heal from your abuse. That you are ready to become whole again.

We are here to help. Call us today at Sexual Assault Support Services for Women SDG& A 613-932-1755 and ask for help. We have no waiting list, and are ready to help you today!!




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