Public Education

Our Public Education Program reaches out to our community to engage in conversation, and respond to the need to inform and discuss the issues surrounding sexual abuse. We look to facilitate meaningful and powerful conversations on all aspect related to sexual assault.

You will see us out in the community, we are able ;

  • to provide education to women over the age of 16, and  an opportunity to have thoughtful discussions to help identify what is sexual abuse is, the consequences and where to turn to for help
  •  to provide accurate up-to-date information on sexual assault specific to the SDG&A area.
  • to create educational material and presentations to service providers, students, parents, corporations, and any interested individuals
  • to create and promote partnerships within the community and to provide an opportunity for schools, social services, groups, and other various organizations to become involved in eliminating sexual violence in our homes, schools and workplaces.
  • to provide information on our services
  • to engage the community is special events surrounding topics of sexual abuse, feminist thought, kiosk and fundraising events

By offering presentations and engaging community members in  conversations surrounding sexual assault, we are noticing a better understanding of the issues on an intellectual level. An example of this would be a young person may now understand that the victim of an assault was not at fault, and have a clearer idea that acquaintance rape occurs at a higher frequency than stranger rape.

Our educational outreach services are designed to work with a variety of groups including;

  • Health care organizations
  • Youth groups
  • Support groups
  • Classrooms at high school, university, college
  • Community centres
  • Aboriginal organizations
  • Mental health advocacy groups
  • Women’s groups
  • non-profit boards

We can work with your organization to accommodate your specific goals and desired outcomes. We are available for;

  • Interactive workshops
  • Staff training
  • Discussion panels
  • Information tables and /or booths
  • Speaks and/ or talks
  • Community support and partnerships.


Should you require a presentation or would like more information on our service please contact our Volunteer Coordinator and Publication Education department at 613 932-1755 ext 27




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